Marketing Toolkit

It is important to us to ensure that you can communicate TAGG to your supporters easily and effectively. Below you will find a list of ways to make TAGG work for you, along with content and images. If there is anything you would find helpful that you don’t see, please let us know. We are are happy to create something for you, or customize any of these tools to better suit you.

If you are a K-8 School or Nonprofit, please go to your specific Toolkit:

Schools (K-8)
Go to School Toolkit

Nonprofits & Places of Worship
Go to Nonprofit Toolkit

Next, find a variety of images and content to help you put these ideas into action!

Helpful Links

Participating Businesses – Link to view

OMAHA Participating Businesses – Download List 

LINCOLN Participating Businesses – Download List 

TAGG Catering ListLink to view or Download List

TAGG “For Business” ListDownload List

TAGG Overview Video (2 minutes) – YouTube Link

How to TAGG Demo (40 seconds) – YouTube Link

Download App LinkLink to Page
Include this link when promoting TAGG online or through email. When this page is accessed from a mobile device, it goes directly to the app in the app store applicable to that device (Google Play or App Store).


Newsletter Template

Use this template to add your own content when promoting TAGG in newsletters, etc.
Content ideas include:

  • Recognize or thank your TAGGers
  • Feature your great TAGGers
  • Share your TAGG goal & progress towards goal
  • Announce new TAGG businesses
  • Promote a scheduled TAGG day

Library of Images

Use these images regularly in your newsletters, emails and any other communications.


Email or hand a flyer out to any potential supporters. To request a flyer to be customized with your Organizations’s name, please email us.

Types of Flyers

General (“TAGG for Us”) – Download
Churches (“TAGG for our Church” – Download
Nonprofits (“TAGG for our Cause”) – Download
Elementary & Middle Schools (“TAGG for our School”) – Download 
High Schools & Universities (“TAGG for our Clubs & Teams”)Download 
High School or University Club (“TAGG for our Club”)Download
High School or University Team (“TAGG for our Team”)Download 
Dance Studios (“TAGG for your Dancer”)Download 
Youth Sports/Activities Raising $ as a Team (“TAGG for our Team”)Download
Youth Sports/Activities Raising $ Individually (“TAGG for your Athlete”)Download 


Use this content on your website, on social media, etc. to tell your supporters about TAGG and how it works:

Content 1:
Help raise money for <Name of Organization> simply by TAGGing purchases at hundreds of local participating businesses! Whenever you’re at a TAGG business, snap a picture of your receipt and choose <us>. The business will donate 5% of your purchase, at no extra cost to you! Download TAGG today! (Link to:

Content 2: 
Are you TAGGing for us yet? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Download TAGG (Together A Greater Good)
  • Visit participating businesses and snap a photo of your receipt.
  • Choose Us. The business will donate 5%!


Social Media

Introduce your followers to TAGG using images found in the image library below. 

Here are a few other ways to utilize social media to support your efforts:

    • Share posts from TAGG’s pages
    • Thank your TAGGers and show momentum on money being raised and what the impact is.
    • Thank businesses supporting you through TAGG (be sure to tag them in your post so they see it).
    • Update your Facebook cover photo to let fans know about TAGG.

Yard Sign

TAGG provides complimentary yard signs. Contact us to request yours today!

If there are other tools you would find helpful, please email us.